Liz Weinmann
A fashion designer committed to sustainability in the modern world.

Over the years in my fashion design career in the Garment District of New York City, I have accumulated enough apparel to clothe a small nation.

While trend shopping several years back, I noticed one store would discount your purchase if you brought in your gently used clothing. After some research, I was amazed at how much apparel we dump in landfills yearly and felt I needed to do something about it.

This got me to thinking about redesigning my own apparel and making it new again. I started with my own plaid flannel shirts that are now all over the runways for Fall 2018. I grabbed a few and, found some more in thrift and vintage shops, and re-dyed them in my kitchen in Woodstock, NY.

My friends all said how cool they were and all wanted one or more.

I enjoy wearing them as much as I savor seeing how much the women (and men) love wearing the oversized men’s shirtings with the cool dye effects and the embellishments on the backs!